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About me

I received my PhD from the University of Ottawa and have been licensed as a clinical psychologist in Ontario since 2013 to work with adults and couples. From 2012 to 2020, I worked at the student counselling centres of both the University of Windsor and the University of Western Ontario, Detroit Receiving Hospital, and the London Health Sciences Centre. As a student, I completed training rotations at the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group, the Ottawa Hospital, and the Centre for Psychological Services and Research. 

Since July 2020, I have been an assistant professor at the University of Windsor in the Psychology department. Prior to this, I held academic appointments at Wayne State University and the University of Western Ontario.

My research interests run the gamut from the impact on healthcare workers of the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health and wellbeing in science students, academic lab safety, the Impostor Phenomenon, optimal sexual experiences, and representations of sex and sexuality in the media. I have active collaborations with researchers in chemistry/biochemistry, nursing, geology, and occupational health and safety. For more details, check out the research interests page.

At the University of Windsor, I have taught the following classes:


  • Sex and gender (PSYC2400)


  • Advanced Adult Assessment (PSYC8589)

  • Introduction to Psychotherapy (PSYC8647)

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (PSYC8692)

My hobbies include baking, running, yoga, knitting, reading, playing Breath of the Wild, learning guitar and trying to rehabilitate my rescue border collie (Finn).

Finn music notes.jpg

Name: Finn

Age: 6 years

Type: Rescue Border Collie

Likes: chewing Zelda, hugs, head-butting people in the crotch, wearing bowties

Dislikes: baths, his crate, the recycling truck

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Name: Zoey 

Age: 4 years

Type: Calico short-hair

Likes: eating Kleenex, watching TV, indoor gardening

Dislikes: Finn, getting stuck in the basement

Zelda pic.jpg

Name: Zelda

Age: 4 years

Type: Calico short-hair

Likes: being chewed by Finn, wet food, eating flowers (esp. Xmas cactus)

Dislikes:  mint and citrus