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Current research assistants

Nicholas Armstrong

My name is Nick Armstrong. I am completing my final year of a combined undergraduate degree in Honours Psychology with Thesis and Criminology. I’m currently working on my thesis project alongside Dr. Ménard, which is on the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on transitions into university. In the future, I’m hoping to further my education in a Masters/Graduate program. In my spare time, I partake in various hobbies but my dog gets most of my attention. 

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Sara Pratt

My name is Sara Pratt, and I recently completed my fourth year of the Psychology with Honours Thesis program. I am working with Dr. Menard on participant recruitment and data collection for the STRONG project. I intend on pursuing graduate studies to become a clinical psychologist. With this further education I aim to practice therapy with adults who have mental health difficulties. In my free time I write, draw, and play various tabletop and video games.

Storm Balint

My name is Storm Balint (she/her), and I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Applied Social Psychology under the supervision of Dr. Charlene Senn and working as a research assistant for Dr. Ménard. My research interests involve understanding the dynamics of gender and sexuality, with a particular focus on enhancing women’s sexual agency. I also work as a site coordinator on a randomized control trial testing the efficacy of a healthy relationships and sexual violence education program for teen girls. Outside of school, I like engaging in physical activities like Pilates and spin classes, cooking, and spending time with my cat Draco Meowfoy and dog Ares. 

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