My name is bolded; student authors from the group are underlined.

Manuscripts in press

Ménard, A.D., Soucie, K., Jaffri, S., Houser, C., & Cavallo-Medved, D. (in press). Concordance (or discordance) between students and staff/faculty perceptions of student stress in Science. The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Manuscripts under review

Ménard, A.D., & Chittle, L. (under review). The Impostor Phenomenon in post-secondary students: A review of the literature.

Ménard, A.D., Chittle, L., Power, J., Milidrag, L., & Bondy, M. (under review). “I genuinely can't understand why I was selected for the job”: The Impostor Phenomenon in university staff and faculty.

Ménard, A.D., Soucie, K. Jaffri, S., Cavallo-Medved, D., & Houser, C. (under review). Awareness, use and value of student support programs through the lens of science students, faculty and staff.

Ménard, A.D., Soucie, K., Freeman, L., & Ralph, J. (under review). “My problems aren’t severe enough to seek help”: Stress levels and use of mental health supports by Canadian hospital employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ménard, A.D., Soucie, K., Freeman, L., & Ralph, J. (under review). Experiences of cross-border nurses working in hospitals during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.



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Clare Ashworth.)

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles


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