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Lessons from an early career therapist: Managing mistakes, missteps and other minor disasters


Coming soon from Routledge. Lessons from an Early Career Therapist is about the human side of joining the helping professions. The perils and pitfalls of connecting with clients, working with their families, managing your own life alongside your professional obligations, and, perhaps most importantly, repairing and recovering from therapeutic stumbles and missteps are all addressed with humour and compassion. This book normalizes, validates, and empathizes with the human aspects of the profession, addresses shame head-on, and attempts to change the conversation around clinical training. While coursework and readings may impart technical knowledge to new clinicians, the focus of this book is on empowering the clinician and building their confidence in managing real-life situations they will encounter on the job. These may include how to gracefully recover from sticking your foot in your mouth, how to get your paperwork done without losing your mind, or how to rescue a possum stuck in your office window well while carrying on a therapy session at the same time. This book will either provide some good ideas for how to problem-solve or at least set an example of what not to do.

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