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Projects described on this page are either temporarily or permanently on hiatus; no data is being collected at this time. Prospective graduate or undergraduate students who are interested in doing research on these topics are advised to apply to other labs. 

Mental health and wellbeing in science students

A Young Scientist looking through a micr

This work was started as part of the Sci of Relief program in the Faculty of Sciences in collaboration with Dr. Chris Houser (Earth and Environmental Sciences) and  Dr. Dora Cavallo-Medved (Biomedical Sciences). Projects in this area include a survey administered to students, faculty and staff about levels of and contributors to stress, use of support programs, and ideas for improvements to the Faculty. 

The Impostor Phenomenon

This work was initiated by a transdisciplinary team from FAHSS, Science, and HK including Ms. Michelle Bondy and Dr. Dora Medved-Cavallo. In October 2019, we surveyed students, staff, and faculty about their experiences of the Impostor Phenomenon in academic settings. We received over 1400+ responses from students and 150+ from staff and faculty. This survey generated over 800 descriptions of how participants felt in those moments.

Data from this project has helped to inform the delivery of monthly workshops by our team to undergraduate and graduate students on campus as well as staff and faculty.

This work was funded by a Centred on Learning and Innovation Fund (CLIF) grant from the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Student Looking at Building

Academic lab safety

Bloody glasses.jpg

Despite the regular occurrence of accidents resulting in personal injuries, property damage, and even deaths, little is known about the causes or impact of academic lab accidents. In collaboration with Dr. Trant  (Chemistry/Biochemistry), we wrote a review on the subject that was published in Nature Chemistry and was downloaded 25,000+ times in the first two months of its publication. 

Read a CBC interview about the article.

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