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University of Windsor

Welcome to our group's website. Here you'll find more information about the team, our projects, our publications, and how to join us. 

News and updates

I will NOT be taking a new graduate student for the 2025/2026 academic year.

Recent publications

Burton, K., Hicks, H., Crann, S. & Ménard, A.D. (2024). TV-MA : An examination of sexually

explicit behaviours in “Sex and the City” and “The L Word” and their revivals. Sexuality & Culture, 1-19.


Ménard, A.D., Bondy, M., Jones, M., Desjardins, L., Milidrag, L., Foulon, A., & Chittle, L. (2023). “I wasn’t that good at it but I pretended to be”: Students’ experiences of the Impostor Phenomenon in academic settings. Alberta Journal of Higher Education, 69(3).


Ménard, A.D., & Chittle, L. (2023). The impostor phenomenon in post-secondary students: A review of the literature. Review of education, 11(2), e3399.

Sterling, M., Armstrong, N., Cheek, O. & Ménard, A.D. (2023). Political views, not science: A response to the recent "cancel culture" special section. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 1-4.

Ménard, A.D., Soucie, K., Freeman, L., Ralph, J., Chang, Y.-Y. & Morassutti, O. (2023). “I called us the sacrificial lambs”: Experiences of cross-border nurses working in hospitals during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 55(1), 42-54.


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