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University of Windsor

Welcome to our group's website. Here you'll find more information about the team, our projects, our publications, and how to join us. 

News and updates

I will be taking new graduate students in either the clinical or applied social tracks for the 2023/2024 academic year. Click here for details.

Recent publications

Kleinplatz, P.J., Charest, M., Rosen, L.A., & Ménard, A.D. (2022). Optimal couple sexuality: A review of the (limited) literature. Current Sexual Health Reports, 14, 63-69.


Ménard, A.D., Soucie, K., Freeman, L., & Ralph, J. (2022). “My problems aren’t severe enough to seek help”: Stress levels and use of mental health supports by Canadian hospital employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Health Policy, 126(2), 106-111.


Ménard, A.D., Soucie, K., Freeman, L., Ralph, J., Chang, Y.-Y. & Morassutti, O. (2022). “I called us the sacrificial lambs”: Experiences of cross-border nurses working in hospitals during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research. 


Ménard, A.D., Flynn, E., Soucie, K., & Trant, J. (2022). Accident experiences and reporting practices in Canadian chemistry and biochemistry laboratories: A pilot investigation. ACS Chemical Health & Safety, 29(1), 102-109. 


Ménard, A.D., Soucie, K., Jafri, S., Houser, C., & Cavallo-Medved, D. (2021). Concordance (or discordance) between students and staff/faculty perceptions of student stress in Science. The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 12(1).

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